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Algonquin Spring

Monday, May 12, 2014

Am I a delinquent mother if I say the best part of today's Mother's Day was my solo kayak? For the first time I can remember, my white trilliums did not bloom in time for Mother's Day, so I went looking for spring. The faithful trout lilies were in the yard and all through the bush, but what would I find on my paddle?


I love to get into the marshes as far as possible - and of course brown is the first impression. Spring is late this year. But the secret is to look closely. May brings the tiny white flowers on the Leather-leaf shrubs.


I looked up to see the air full of tree swallows. This was a new gift, a springtime air show. They kept returning to the same tree.


I beached my kayak and got out on the peat bog to watch them swoop and dive, and to survey the marsh. Plenty of spongy green under my feet and minute buds to add colour - when you are paying attention.


Grass is starting to line the waterways.


I have found my spring. I shouldn't be surprised of course - after all, it is a yearly event... and just to top it off, the swallows filled the blue sky above my head as I paddled back to the Lodge.