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Canoe or Kayak?

Thursday, July 21, 2011
In the beginning, Algonquin Park was the land of the canoe. It has been the best way to see the Park's interior. Canoes can hold families or individuals, all their gear and/or their pet dog.  Portable enough to transport on top of your car or truck, then carried from lake to lake on trails called portages - it has enabled thousands to explore Algonquin's natural beauty. But if you may have noticed, there's a new kid in town. Of course, kayaks aren't new - the Inuit have used them for hundreds of years.   But the modern polyethylene /fiberglass versions have moved into Algonquin, and they are more popular all the time. But which is the better choice?  The answer of course depends on what you like to do.  The great people at Frontenac Outfitters have a wonderful page comparing the two. I can tell you that there are lots of both here at Hay Lake - my friends Marti and Dennis were just here and have been canoeists for years - and they certainly enjoy paddling the lakes here.   Here is a recent July early morning: But can a canoe take you here? Then again, do you really want it to?   At any rate, enjoy your time on the lake!