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Changes at Hay Lake

Friday, December 10, 2010
There may be a timeless feel when you are at Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages, but that doesn't mean that things don't change. Seasons, for one example. All the gold and red of autumn is long gone;  white snow and green cedars are the colour theme now. We closed in October. The cabins are closed up, water drained, docks on the beach till next spring. I am here in the winter, and I'll be sharing some of Hay Lake Life with you, but right now I'm still looking back, because there has been another big change here. I've written before on the importance of family help here -  A family business means everyone helps. My good fortune has been that all my family helps - brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews - visiting and "relaxing" at the Lake has included everything from building decks to hauling water and digging septic systems. [caption id="attachment_150" align="alignleft" width="178" caption="Dad"][/caption] If you have admired our stone waterfall by the Lodge, or noticed the stained glass lamp at the bar, or sat in the Gazebo on the point and listened to the loons, you benefitted from the efforts of my Dad, Hal Crecelius. For that matter, if you were here when Dad was, you probably met him - he was that guy talking to you about where to catch Rock Bass, or how the fish in this lake make the best eating ever.  Actually he probably told you all about how we came here, the ages of his grandchildren, and the son and daughter that are ministers in the States - even my car accident! My Dad passed away this fall.  I have been so touched at the number of Hay Lakers and guests who sent sympathy and warm thoughts. Dad loved Hay Lake and the Lodge.  He loved the beauty, he loved the fish, he loved the Park.  He constantly marveled at the diversity of guests, and loved bringing friends here. When Dad retired in 1987, he and my Mom built the cabin on the point "so that family would always have a place to come" - and when they weren't here, it was ours to rent to guests.  Cabin 6 will be a lovely legacy, but oh, we'll miss his grin and wave, heading out to fish off Weaver's Point. Thanks Dad - for everything.