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Cross Country

Friday, March 29, 2013
My Legs are Tired. I've been out snowshoeing all afternoon. Actually, I did something for the first time - I created my own trail. Surprising isn't it?  I have lived here more than 30 years now, and have followed trails in Algonquin Park, logging roads, snowmobile trails, abandoned roads - but it wasn't until this fall I started striking out on my own. Personally, I put it down to a dutiful suburban childhood, being taught to stay on the sidewalks, never cut across a neighbour's yard.  And trails can lead you to a special view, or take you for a lovely walk. But somehow, this fall I started wondering about what I could find on the next hill.  There is something adventurous and freeing striking out on your own.  I discovered rock outcroppings and valleys, signs of old fires from the '30's. The challenge of course is making sure you stay oriented so you can find your way home!  Of course, in January I have an out - I can always turn around and follow my snowshoe tracks back.  It gives me the confidence to head out, trying to intersect a trail, or circle around a hill.

When I am going out on my own, I am aware of the topography, the trees around me, the direction of the sun. But when I turn around and retrace my steps, I notice I focus on my tracks.

When I get home, I generally want to put my walk into the context of the larger area.  This is where topographical maps come in so handy.  We have good maps for the hills around Hay Lake.  But I confess that it isn't easy for me to translate this: into This: It's all worth it though, and I'm having a great time.  It just goes to show, no matter how long I live here, Hay Lake always has more to discover!