Lodge Life

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Curtains Up

Monday, May 14, 2012
Another Opening, Another Show... That's the song refrain running through my head this weekend.  The leaves are raked, sticks are picked up, the cabins are spotless and beds are made.  I even put fresh flowers in the Main Lodge [caption id="attachment_375" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Opening Day"][/caption] Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages is open for another season of guests, friends and visitors. There have been the usual challenges for starting up of course.  Last fall we replaced a septic bed.  This spring we had a new well drilled, so now all the cabins are on well water and you don't have to worry about opening your mouth in the shower (the reason given us by public health why just posting "Water not for drinking"  wasn't good enough - someone could get water in their mouth in the shower...) The well was actually quite an interesting project.  We had a water dowser come out and find water for us. The dowser - some people call them a water witch- held the coat hanger between his hands and walked back and forth in the area we hoped to drill. When he crossed a vein of water,  the hanger would tip up - and he could even tell us how deep the water vein was and how much flow- So the good news is - he was right and we have a well only 55 feet deep!  No more hauling bottles of water, or keeping the lake water pump from cutting in and out. And, just one more touch - we have a robin's nest right outside the main kitchen window. Another show starting at Hay Lake!