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Fighting Fires

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Well, perhaps that was a shameless attention grabber :).  But fires are on our minds these days, with the weather so dry.  The grass is parched brown in most places.  We're grateful for the tree shade, but even the trees are feeling the stress - the maple at the back is starting to turn red. There is a fire crew from Haliburton staying in Whitney, on call, and this past weekend  about 300 campers were evacuated from the northeast section of Algonquin Park, when lightning started a fire just over the border from the Park. So it seemed prudent to get out fire pump out this weekend and make sure it was in good working order. Phil and Doug carried it down to the dock, hooked up the hoses and fired up the engine.  There's plenty of water in the lake of course, but it only helps if you can pump it and reach the fire! Fire Chief Phil tested the lines and gave the grass a good watering -And then of course we try to see how far we can shoot... We have enough hose - but we're looking for more - only problem is it has been so long since we bought our pump we can't remember where we got it, or which kind of fittings these are! Ah well, we're ready - oh - sorry, I have to go, it's my turn for fire drills...