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Franchising Hay Lake Lodge

Friday, September 10, 2010
No, not really.  But I'm just back from a trip across Canada - yes, even though it's the busy season here!  If I didn't have a wonderful daughter and son-in-law, it would never be possible.  But because Laura and Graeme looked after the Lodge, I was able to help drive my friend's U-Haul clear across Canada from here in Ontario to Vancouver, BC -  you can see we stopped at all the major sights.... [caption id="attachment_117" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Manitoba's "Happy Rock""][/caption] and it was an amazing wonderful trip. Much to my own surprise, though, we stayed at several franchised motels along the way.  For a person who runs an independent lodge, chain motels have always seemed - bland, to put it mildly.  I have always wanted to get to know the unique qualities of an area, find special places that have the stamp of individuality, yet on this Excellent Adventure  you'll find pictures of our U-Haul parked in front of three kinds of chain motels. Realizing why was a revelation, and a caution.  Before we left, I had researched accommodation on the internet and found some charming places.  But we didn't know how far we would get on part of the trip, so I couldn't reserve very far ahead.  And having stayed at one place that could have been the Bates Motel (note the similarity below...) we opted for safe and fairly reliable. A chain motel, especially a budget chain, may be the McDonald's of accommodation - not spectacular, but you know what to expect. So what lessons did I ponder as I traveled last week? First, profound gratitude that guests take the time to look up Hay Lake Lodge and visit us! Second, my responsibility to deliver what my web site promises. Third, a realization that I need to keep finding ways to let people know about Hay Lake. And finally, pleasure in the unique qualities we offer.   It's always good to travel, and always good to come home.