Lodge Life

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Gearing Up

Sunday, May 01, 2011
Look what I found today - The first crocus.   Now it is well and truly spring.  April has been wet and cold, which has meant the re-shingling of the lodge roof, scheduled for before Easter, hasn't started.  This week.... Today though was glorious.  I was raking out the gardens, which is how I found the crocus.  Lots of sticks to pick up.  Actually I think picking up sticks is the outdoor equivalent of vacuuming - no matter how many times you go over the spot, you can always find more. Phil started hooking up the water.   We have several water sources and in the fall we drain all the cabins and the lodge.  Now it's time to re-connect, but we have run into a slight hitch - the ground is still frozen.  This means the water from the lake which supplies bathing/cooking water to the cabins can't reach the pump.  So, Phil plugged in the heating line  and we'll try the line under Cabin 5 tomorrow.  Well, that's okay, we'll just use the lake pump by Cabin 3.  Another obstacle.  The major wind storm on Thursday stirred up huge waves - and the water line is gone.  That's a first.....    good news is that the line from the well to the lodge works fine.  That is good - JoAnne, Chantelle and the rest of the staff start spring cleaning Monday. 13 days till opening!