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How do you know it's Summer?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
I'll bet there are certain signs of summer in your neighbourhood.  You know, the particular signals that the season has  shifted. When I was young, the jangle of the ice cream truck's bell  announced that summer was well and truly here. I don't know what your local signs are, but here at Hay Lake, you know it's summer when: The road sides are blooming with Hawk Weed, Swallowtail butterflies gather at the beach to eat the minerals in the sand Water Lilies  fill the  marshes And the most important sign of summer at Hay Lake- the dragonflies return.  The undeniable truth is that we do have blackflies in the spring, and the return of the dragonflies means Rescue is at hand!  Dragonflies take care of our spring blackflies and Summer Begins! Here's to a wonder-full summer for each of you.  What means "summer" in your neighbourhood?