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How to Make Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages Better

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
If you run a business, any kind of business, you know you have to keep improving.  A Lodge - or any business- is like a plant; if it doesn't grow, it fades and dies.  So in our nearly 30 years here at Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages, we have constantly striven to improve our cottages, provide better options, and in general make the place better.  One of the best ways to do this is listen to guest suggestions. One guest thought  I should maximize the space we have here and put a series of condos along the shore. Another guest thought more activity would be a good idea, and recommended I turn the common room into a video arcade. .

And one of the most distinctive ideas  was for color.  A woman staying in Cabin #4 liked our place well enough, but thought the brown exteriors a little nondescript and thought we could set ourselves apart if we painted our cabins lavender.

Now before I go any further I want to be clear that I truly value guest input.  It can be a small detail, like the furniture arrangement in Cabin #1 and a book for the library, or something more substantial such as the decks in front of the cabins. But in the end, a business reflects the personality and values of the owners.  We like a quiet place, close to nature, with a cabin completely equipped, comfortable and traditional, for a chance to truly relax.  We hope you do too.