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I am so grateful

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
That's what my Dad used to say.  All the time.  "Friend, if you could ----, I'd be so grateful"  "I am so grateful"- After the week of sunshine and warmth we've just had, what else can I say?  I am so grateful for the Thanksgiving weekend we just had - cooking turkey in shorts!  Amazing!  Sitting on the deck with pumpkin pie watching the golden light of a warm (26 degrees!) autumn evening. Brilliant!   Victoria even went swimming! well, yeah, that was breath-taking. While I was making the stuffing the radio was playing an interview with the author of the blog and book "1000 Awesome Things" His point of course is the joy and delight of life's small details. It would be fun to see what list I could come up with, living here at Hay Lake. It really doesn't have to be major achievements or life-changing events.  The red that fires the maple leaves.  Coming around the point this evening and being surprised by the moon rising over the lake. Marking a 20th anniversary with long-time guests. And of course, the happiness of all the family home at the same time. We're almost done for another season - we close on Sunday.  I'm grateful for this business, which brings rich conversations with people from everywhere, and ever-renewing natural encounters.   I wish you all your own 1000 Awesome Things.