Lodge Life

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In all kinds of weather...

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Isn't that an amazing picture?  Our guest Ezra Bookstein of New York took it when he was here in May. It is true that the sun does not always shine here at Hay Lake. But a rainy day brings its own kind of entertainment.  Many times my guests tell me they don't care what the weather does, they just want to relax.  There is pleasure in sitting on the screened porch, or curled up by the fireplace, reading the book you never get time to pick up at home. A rainy day gives me permission to slow down.  I can't paint the cottage, or mow the grass, or even get that early morning bike ride, so why not sleep a little later? A rainy day means you can go browsing.  I often suggest a day trip to Barry's Bay and Wilno.  There are several craft shops and artists studios - and a great lunch at the Wilno Tavern! Best of all, rainy days here bring sound. One guest recorded the sound of gentle rain on his porch roof.  I like the wind pushing whitecaps across the water and stirring leaves as the weather front moves through. And then the weather clears, and everyone is out hiking Algonquin Park, exploring the lake by canoe, and watching another great sunset.  There is no such thing as bad weather here!