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It's All About the Moose

Wednesday, June 01, 2011
This is the number one reason to come to Algonquin Park in May or June.  You can see moose.  In the spring, the moose can be seen along the road going through Algonquin, as they come to the swampy waters  in the ditches.  As you can see in the picture, their hair is a little straggly, coming out of the winter, but they are still amazing creatures to watch.  I always think they look as though they were put together out of mis-matched parts.   Those skinny long legs, that long nose, ears too long for the head...  yet I never get tired of seeing one. If you decide to drive up to the Park to look for moose, remember that they don't particularly care if you are coming at 80 km down the road.  They will move at their own speed.   So you need to watch for them.   Our guests from England this week saw 8 one morning.   I think the most I've heard is 23. Of course, you can see them here at Hay Lake too.  I saw this one last summer. The calf was with her and they were quite content to keep an eye on us as we watched for 15 minutes. And one final shot from a friend, who got a magical view: Moose are  spring's Main Attraction!