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It's Not My Lake

Monday, October 15, 2012
I don't think it's any secret that I am passionate about the place I live.  Hay Lake has been my home for 30 years now, and I love it more than ever.  I have written about the joy of taking the kayak into the quiet marshes, and the exhilaration of sun on snow and ice. I have had the pleasure of introducing guests to their first time canoeing or fishing, and building that campfire they had wanted to try. Sometimes   I watch  cameras emerge from cabins as people try to capture the sunset, a token of the evening quiet. Earlier blog posts have mentioned the timeless quality many feel spending time at Hay Lake  It is my privilege to live here year round, and tonight, our last night of the season,  I'm thinking about my home, "my"  Hay Lake. Because of course, the fact is that this is not my Lake.  Hay Lake is many things:   government land and water, cottage property for some, fishing/boating opportunity and timber leases, access to Algonquin Provincial Park - and each person who comes here has their own "my Hay Lake". So how do we navigate our way, when your Hay Lake plays a stereo on your boat, and my Hay Lake is happiest with a paddle?  When your Hay Lake puts a satellite dish on their trailer, and my Hay Lake tries to keep a natural shoreline? Surely it's a process calling for grace and sensitivity. Hay Lake touches each person in their own way. Though we may feel Hay Lake is timeless, the truth is that timeless does not preclude change.  The trees are not the white pine forest.  We call from the water on our cell phone.  It's a delicate matter, to walk the tightrope separating "Issues Worth Fighting For"  from "The Way I Want It to Be".   Sadly, regulations at all levels of government to protect natural areas are being weakened through diluted regulations and eviscerated funding.  This is not my lake, but as one who is grateful for all this place gives me, I am a steward - and so are you. Which is why I am sharing this reflection with you this evening.  It is a reassurance and a responsibility to know that Hay Lake still offers serenity, natural beauty and wildlife.  There is room  for many Hay Lakes - I invite you to find yours here.  I can share....