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It's so quiet here...

Monday, May 17, 2010
I was out walking this morning.  I like to walk the country road that goes past here in the early morning, before my day starts.  The early  morning sun just coming over the hill  is such a gentle light. The marsh just around the corner always holds two black ducks this time of year which squawk and jump when I come by. I'll see the trout lilies and red trilliums - and I'll listen to the quiet. Quiet at Hay Lake doesn't mean "No Sound".  Well, sometimes it does.  I can be sitting on the deck and realize there is pure silence.  But "Hay Lake Quiet" can include: Waves lapping at the shore Spring peepers filling in the back marsh with their trills Wind blowing through birches and pines Loons crazy-laughing and calling on the lake Bird Song. So many bird songs, and sadly so many I don't know!  But I do love to hear them and wow in the spring, warblers moving through, hawks returning, even familiar robins and red-winged blackbirds - all signs and sounds of spring's renewal.  This morning my walk was filled with bird song, and I relish the Hay Lake Quiet.  Is there a better way to start the day?