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Leave it to Beavers....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
BeaverDo beavers impress you?  Are you amazed at the dams they build, the non-stop-busy-collecting-branches lifestyle?   I was hiking the Centennial Ridges trail in Algonquin Park a week ago and I asked my friend Lin to stand in front of this dam, just to show how high the beavers had worked: It's all well and good to admire their handiwork, but it can get out of hand. We sent a note to the township this month, letting them know beavers had been working near the road and had plugged a culvert.  Last Tuesday the road crew came out and spent some time trying to clear the  pipe.  They pushed 25 feet of pipe up the culvert, and working diligently, managed to get a trickle of water draining. Just as they were about to drive away, the water gained force.  Trees started to move towards the road, the ground started to slide, and here is what happened: The workers ran, and both township trucks were washed over the side. It took 5 seconds.  We think there was another beaver dam upstream, and when the pressure of the water holding it in place lessened, it let go too. Five seconds to wash out, and two days to fill the hole back in. No one was hurt, and I was only stranded for a day and a half.  But I hope you'll understand if I am not over fond of beavers!