Lodge Life

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Let's Get Together

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I was going through family photos this week -which is very much like looking at Lodge photos- and got to thinking about the family gatherings we have had here. My own family has had 40th and 50th anniversary reunions, a wedding and even a memorial service here. But of course other families have assembled at Hay Lake.

I especially enjoy family get-togethers at the lodge. Sometimes there are enough family members that all cottages are needed, and the Lodge becomes a family compound. That's fun because everyone can relax and feel they have their own private camp. Meals can be shared in the main lodge, and cousins visit between cabins. Even when it's not the whole facility, a cabin or two of siblings or cousins can create a space for connecting, remembering and just enjoying each other's company.


I always said that worked well for our family because at the end of each day we could go to our cabins, talk about how the others were raising their children or vent about the oldest sister's bossiness ( that would be me), then happily get together again.


Hiking in Algonquin, or watching the night sky, or fishing are the stuff of future family stories. In short, Hay Lake is a great place to build memories - wouldn't your family like to come?