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Loons, Hay Lake, and True Wild

Monday, June 07, 2010
Have you heard a loon? There's really nothing like it . I'm listening right now.You have to be here to get the full effect - birds calling and laughing, echoing across the lake, especially in the night, filling the dark with crazy yodels.  I definitely believe loons are the sound of True Wild.  You never see loons hanging around a golf course like Canada Geese do!  Algonquin Park keeps a survey every year of loon sightings, because they are a true indicator of wild, undisturbed lakes. We are so lucky at Hay Lake - we have several pairs and every spring they float past the Lodge, looking for fish.  When you see the babies floating on the mother's back, you've seen something special! So of course when you come north you see Loons on lots of things - mugs, T-shirts, postcards -  but we have some special Loons here at the Lodge. Because we want to keep Hay Lake as special as it is, we are helping to sponsor a study on Hay Lake's lake trout.  Two ladies who have cottages on our lake - Donna Morrow and Evelyn Luscher- have made a quilt of loons (this is one of them), and we're raffling it off as a fund raiser.  So if you come to see us, buy a ticket!   It's for a great cause, and you'll have a lovely memento!