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Mafia and Mennonites

Friday, August 03, 2012
I have written before about the wide spectrum of guests that visit our lodge, from world travellers to one man that was surprised to find he did not need to take a boat to get here from the U.S. (!) It is one of the pleasures and interests, to meet such a diversity of people. But I have to admit my life is dull and boring when I think about the days when Gordon and Clover ran the Lodge.  They built and operated Hay Lake Lodge  from 1954 to 1971 and the stories they tell.... Like the Bear Hunters from New Jersey.  "Some of the Boys" used to come up in the spring and fall for bear hunting.  Evidently bear hunting was popular with some of the Mafia and they were regulars.  One year they brought a stripper.  Naturally Gordon asked, and was allowed to invite friends and neighbours for the show - and they split the proceeds!  So the lady did her stuff in the Main Lodge to much appreciation...   I would think the calls and shouts  were for a rather different Nature Show than we see now. Gordon asked for another show, but was told no.... And then, at the other end of the spectrum, were the Mennonites. Gordon was just building the place, and had a small cabin for the builders.  As Gordon says "These  two Mennonites, with their long beards came to go fishing and we weren't even open.  But I put them in the small cabin anyway... so Clover and Charmaine (Gordon's sister) walked in to see how we were doing, and it was dark by the time they got here, with their flashlights - and they opened the door to that cabin and there were these two men with their big beards - did Clover ever yell!" But they set the men up with a fishing guide, and they came for many years- I hope you get a chance to hear Gordon tell his stories - he's written one book and could do ten more!