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My Favourite Things

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
It's hard to believe, but we are probably about two weeks away from our first frost.  The greens of grass and shrub are definitely late summer shades, and I find myself in a reflective mood. Wise people tell us we should list our gratitudes each day, reviewing the ways  we have been blessed. I wanted to share some shots of my favourite things about life at Hay Lake but for some reason the pictures won't upload, so you'll have to read my list, and maybe I can insert some photos later. 10 of my favourite things about my life here: 1.  The light.  Watching the sunlight move across the lake during the day is an always changing picture.  In the evening, it strikes the shore and turns everything golden. 2. Kayaking.  This is not a surprise, as I have written about it often.  My morning kayaks show me sandhill cranes, mist and sunrises, water lilies and serenity. 3.  My cabins.  Each is unique, with a story of when it was built, and often for whom.  The gleaming varnished logs, the stone fireplaces, the screened porches are solid and evoke this Algonquin tradition. 4.  The paper birch trees on our property.  Guests often remark on the number.  I find that their white bark brightens our lodge even on a grey day. 5. The sense of space.  I can walk all day in the woods around me if I choose, and will see no one. 6. Our breakfasts.  It's true.  I love the muffins we make! 7. Our international guests. It intrigues and delights me that I meet people from all over the world.  I learn from them, getting glimpses of other places. 8. Wolf howls and loon calls.  Nothing makes me feel more connected to the natural world. 9. Returning guests.  I told a guest the other day it is a special pleasure to know that a guest looks forward to coming back here.  I'm always glad when someone enjoys their stay here, but when it's someone who is returning, who wants more of Hay Lake, it makes it special. 10. Coming home. One of the reasons I love Hay Lake Lodge is that I can drive to Toronto or Ottawa in 3-4 hours, enjoy my time, and then drive back while I watch the cars heading to the city. I say it often - I am a lucky person!