Lodge Life

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My Winter by Numbers

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Days from fall close-up to spring clean-up.  The number that  teases with Potential- that  promises unlimited time to read, hike, travel, scan the family pictures, paint a bedroom, clean the closets... oh yeah, and finish the bookwork from last year. Days left till the first guests arrive.  Still haven't painted the bedroom, scanned the pictures, cleaned the closets... oh yeah, still need to finish the bookwork.  Also revise the website, refine Facebook page, decide which host sites to use, get rate sheets finished.  There's still time to learn how to use the new camera. Enjoy the winter birds, and the winter trails. MINUS 36 that is...the coldest temperature this winter.  On the other hand, yesterday was +4.  In February.  You just never know. Cords of wood to heat my home each October-May.  I'm down to 3.  Think I"ll make it?

inches of snow in the yard.  It would be more, but twice it has gotten warm enough to rain and melt much of what we have.  It means there is a crust on the snow which is great for traveling in the bush, not good for deer trying to browse the twigs, dig in the snow - and the wolves and foxes move easily, making it easier to catch their prey - nature is not merciful! Cabins that did not need their roofs shoveled this winter!   Most years the snow gets so deep the weight of the snow on the cabin and lodge becomes an issue, and we have to climb up and shovel it off.  The rain and melt I just mentioned does have a good side:) The absolute best place for me to live - winter, spring, summer or fall. It all adds up to Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages!