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Open for business!

Saturday, January 12, 2013
Well, not the cabins.:)   In January, our cabins are cold, closed until May. But Hay Lake Lodge is busy with winter business.  Do you wonder what that is, since we don't have guests till the spring?  After the holidays, it's time to review the website, check staffing to see who's coming back, who needs to be replaced (good news there - everyone's back including JoAnne, who missed last season with a shoulder injury), and plans for improvements.  This year we're planning to upgrade the marina.  Docking for the boats that  are coming, outlets for battery recharging.  Better space for the kayaks and canoes. Winter is also the time when many people  dream of summer, and often that means planning holidays.  So emails and phone calls start coming in, asking about possible stays.  And of course paperwork.  Winter is paperwork time.  I confess - the ledgers that didn't get posted in the summer must be faced now. Winter business at Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages has some other details as well.  Birds need to be fed.  The trail up the hill is perfect for snowshoeing so afternoons call for a hike in the woods.   I use wood heat, so at least every other day the porch wood rack requires filling.  Tracks in the snow need to be deciphered and sometimes followed:  fox?  mink?  the ubiquitous red squirrel that steals the seed from the birds? You can see then, that Life at the Lodge does not drag in January.  In fact, I'm off now to post some reservation confirmations, and when I get home - try for some great shots of birds at the feeder, a tea by the fire, - and yes, the paperwork....