Lodge Life

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Peents and Peeps

Thursday, April 19, 2012
I can hear spring again! Do you know the sound of the woodcock?   Maybe you know it as a timberdoodle.  I was out raking the yard where we had a new well line dug  this evening, noting - again - that we really live on a hill of sand and it is a miracle that anything grows here, when the evening chorus began. It started quietly enough - a robin chirping good night.  Then it dawned on me I was hearing a loon yodeling far out on the lake. I tried to remain diligent in my raking, but then - "peent"  and again - "peent".  Off to my right, against the woods; I couldn't see it but I couldn't miss the call.  A woodcock has such a funny sound.  It's the male I hear - the female is silent.  They poke the ground with their long bill, which is flexible on the end, digging for worms.  And their flight is an explosion into the sky, just  on the edge of night so it's something you sense as much as see. If you click on this link you can listen to  that happy sound:  http://youtu.be/bvAjJ0B7ReQ To make the evening chorus complete, the spring peepers were calling tonight.  It was a little cool this evening, so the little frogs were not in full "peep"  but it was still enough to fill the swamp behind me with their song. When they really get going it is a case of Sound Surround down at Cabin 6. I stopped raking.  I stood and listened as the first evening star appeared.  Somehow all the peents,peeps,yodels and chirps brought a sense of quiet and  peace.  I'm glad spring is here.