Lodge Life

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Pictures and words

Sunday, July 10, 2011
When I write this blog, I hope that reading it will give you a taste of life here at Hay Lake. I try to describe the beauty I see here.  I often talk about the details of running a lodge because that is part of the picture too.   And of course  our guests are a very important component of our days. I always include pictures.  A photo can show something that words can only begin to approach.  On the other hand.... Here is a special picture shared by my guests Sandor and Ildiko.  You can see the  double rainbow arcing over the gazebo.  They captured a unique moment. Yet still the picture doesn't quite capture the moment.  We miss the breadth of sky, the intensity of the colour - each picture only brings us closer to the reality we see. Which means, I guess, you have to come and see for yourself!