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Reaching the Outside World

Saturday, July 14, 2012
In the beginning was the Telephone.   Our telephone, actually - a black wall-mounted rotary dial phone, on a party line, in our lodge kitchen.  If a guest needed to call home, if someone was trying to reach a guest, the word came through our kitchen. Someone would call - once it was Pierre Elliott Trudeau! - and I would tell them just wait, then run and find the guest to come and talk. It often seemed most calls came during the dinner hour - probably as it is in your home - and a guest would stand by the phone, connecting with the sounds of dinners being served and dishes washed, in the background. It was a big step when we got a pay phone.   One of our guests was a stockbroker - it was a case of worlds colliding as he stood on the porch two or three times  a day, checking and trading.  And many a bear hunter stood in the spring evening, calling home and trying to ignore mosquitoes and black flies. Now of course we are much more connected.  There are enough cell towers in the area that our guests can use their cell phone - if they stand in the right place :) - The final step has been our internet  satellite.  We've just gotten an upgrade, so don't expect to download movies, but you can definitely stay in touch with home and the rest of the world - if that's your wish. From party-line phone to office on the deck: you can leave the world behind, or stay in touch - the choice is yours!