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Send JoAnne some Good Wishes

Monday, July 02, 2012
If you have been to Hay Lake, you know that JoAnne has been our chief muffin baker and housekeeper par excellance.  For almost 20 years she has made sure windows shine, cabins are spotless, and breakfasts are delicious. This year, JoAnne fell the second day back at work, as we were spring cleaning. She fell so hard on her shoulder that she dislocated her shoulder and tore her rotator cuff - which I take to mean she tore one of the tendons that  help support and move the shoulder ( I got that off the interet). It's going to be awhile till JoAnne can rejoin us and it's not easy for either of us!  JoAnne is a real asset, and she misses cleaning ( hard for me to understand how a person could miss housecleaning, but then again, that's why she's the housekeeper and I'm not!).  Just as importantly though, JoAnne misses the guests that she has come to know over the years, and the new ones she meets each summer. All this resting up is getting JoAnne down.  So we'd like to start a campaign.  If you've been here, stopped by, or just want to make a person feel better, send JoAnne  Healing Thoughts.  You can send her a Get Well card care of us at Hay Lake  (Box 189 Whitney ON K0J 2M0) or straight to her house for a lovely surprise (McGuey Rd, Whitney ON K0J 2M0). If you want, you can go to our Facebook page and leave a message there - heck, just comment on the blog!  We'll see if we can't speed up the healing with  Get Wells from all over!