Lodge Life

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Slipping into winter

Thursday, December 08, 2011
The sign says it all, doesn't it?  The cabins are closed down, water drained, blankets folded, one more coat of varathane in Cabins 1 and 2.  Curtains hang in the Lodge windows to keep out sun and protect carpets. Now it's time to enjoy the transition from fall to winter.  The process is slower this year - the lake is still open.  In fact, I was in the kayak yesterday and hope to make it today or tomorrow. The chair that I left out for one more sunset is not so comfortable now - I think I'll have to give up and bring it in for the season. The snowy days are a study in gray and dull, but when the sun comes out- It is such a lift - and I keep running out for one more picture, trying to capture the intensity of white and blue, until the day has moved from steel gray through sparkling snow and on to rose and mauve.... and I know again why I love living here year round.   I hope your December brings you some of the serenity so easily found at Hay Lake.... May this season of dark and lights fill you with comfort and joy. And may we all find a way to work towards the Peace we each desire