Lodge Life

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Sound and Silence

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
One of the greatest treasures of Hay Lake is the silence that can be found here.  I heard  an article on the radio last week about One Square Inch of Silence, a silence preserve in Olympic National Park.  It made me think of my life here at Hay Lake.  There are times when I am out walking, or in my kayak, that the only sounds are those of the natural world around me, with no trace of man-made noise.  How quiet is it here?  And what is silence? It isn't really the total absence of sound.  Outside as I type I can hear chipping sparrows, the wind in the pines and birches, a robin.  And it's not all nature - the click of the keyboard, the hum of the refrigerator and the dryer downstairs are part of the background. My guests this past weekend brought it home to me.  Alia Best and her son Nash Turley brought their guitars and spent much of their time strumming on the porch, in their cabin, on the deck. It was sound that blended perfectly with the quiet of Hay Lake.  Yet somehow, a radio blaring would have been Noise, not Sound. Stillness.   That's what Hay Lake offers.