Lodge Life

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Spring Break

Saturday, March 10, 2012
This is spring break at Hay Lake.  We have lots of sun, no sand, but it's really great being outside right now.    The weather today was a record-setting 14 degrees C.  (That's about 55 for you Fahrenheit people) and I just had to get outside. A long time ago there was an old snowmobile trail up the hill from us.  We set it up as a trail for our guests, but it was just too hard to keep it brushed, so we  don't recommend it anymore in the summer. BUT - it makes a great snowshoeing trail.  I headed out this afternoon in a shirt and sunglasses.  Mind you, the downed trees are still there, so sometimes you have to make a detour - - but it's a wonderful way to see the woods - so much more open than in the summer: The snow is melting into patterns like a crocodile's hide: The weatherman says it will be an early spring.   That's fine - but in the meantime, you can't beat March Break at Hay Lake!