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Summer's here!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
How is it possible that two weeks ago I was screeching about snow and today I'm wilting in the heat?  Well, because that's an Ontario spring! The warm weather was perfect for a May weekend, and some of us on the lake got together for a kayak caravan.  Most of my kayaking is a solitary commune with nature, but this weekend we found out how many women we can pull at 7 in the morning for a paddle  - you can see eight of us in the picture. There is so much undeveloped shoreline on Hay   Lake that we can meander, chat, and not      disturb anyone.  It was a good time - I'm  passionate about kayaking, and I'm sure you'll    hear more about my kayak jaunts in future posts. I find that our guests enjoy the kayaks too. Our  lake is ideal for exploring - marshes, cranberry    bogs, rocky islands - a kayak is easy to use, and  you can go places in a kayak you could not reach any other way. In fact, here is a picture that shows just how far you can go.  And yes, in this shot my friend Nancy is still sitting in her kayak, as we "paddled" our way through the marsh!