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Thanks for the compliment

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
I know I've mentioned it before, but it still amazes me that we have been here at Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages since 1982 - that means we're in our 30th summer!    And there's no denying that it's not only the incredible sunsets that keep us going - it's the kind words from our guests. What has changed over the years, though is the format for those kind words. We started with the guest book by the door for our guests to leave names and comments. With guests from around the world, I treasure the international comments.   At my request, some of the comments are written in other alphabets.   I prize the Japanese  kanji and the Arabic blessing a guest from Jordan left for me. These days, though, as in so many things, technology has re-invented our compliments.  It began with emails thanking me for a stay.  Then guests started sending us pictures over the Internet.  Now the world of Social Media has become a part of my life. I have just heard from a long ago visitor on my Facebook page. The reservation I just got from Spain tells me about a Travel site, a blog from Jorge Mir who stayed here and sent me photos http://phylosoft.com/Canada And of course there is Trip  Advisor, where you can type in Hay Lake Lodge  and find out what previous guests have said. For the moment, I have not listed those comments on my website or blog.   I guess I'm a little old -fashioned - it seems too much like bragging.    I'd rather you come and find out for yourself what it is like here.  But if you enjoy your stay, I do love to hear your impressions!