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The Best

Sunday, September 11, 2011
It's really  a no- brainer in my opinion.   The best time to be at Hay Lake and Algonquin Park, hands down, is the fall. I'm sorry I haven't posted this last month - hosting family and running a lodge means some things get overlooked - but it's time to think about fall - when you can see the Park at its best. There are so many pluses about visiting now: 1.  The colour show.   The leaves are starting to change.  The view out my Lodge window becomes a six-week show, each day marking the spread of the brilliant reds and oranges, and the golds of the birches and poplars following.

2.  The water.   Yes, the lakes are cooler now, and will keep getting colder, from refreshing to brisk to bracing to numbing to frigid, but  how can you not love the way the sun sparkles and the water looks so blue ?

3.  Fires.  All of our cabins have fireplaces, and there are two firepits for campfires.  This is the time of year when a burning fire spells cozy.

4.  My mother calls it  "good sleeping weather" - nights are cool, days are pleasant, hikes are fun - you should come!