Lodge Life

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"The Cruellest Month..."

Monday, April 18, 2011
Eliot's right, you know - April is cruel!  I am so ready for the ice on the lake to be gone.  We're getting closer - the swamp has water on top of ice - it is the annual nesting site for a pair of black ducks. Most of the snow in the yard is gone, and on the roads.  I can hear streams running, and that's a wonderful spring sound: I even had a turkey gobbling in the yard. The days are getting longer, and the sun is nice, but it has been pretty cold this month. I saw the edge of the lake had started to thaw this week so I decided it was kayak time, ready or not! There was a bit of skim ice to break through, but it felt so good to be out on the water it was definitely worth it. Of course I have plenty to do gearing up for opening May 13th.  The web people are helping me put more pictures of the cabins on the website.  Summer reservations are filling up nicely, so there are confirmations to send out.  There's the LCBO license to renew, brochures to take to the park - less than 4 weeks till we open!