Lodge Life

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The In-Between Season

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

One year ago today I took this picture, paddling my kayak. That is definitely not the case this year - we still have 18 inches of ice, so I"m feeling stuck between winter and spring.

It's the time of year when cross-country skiing is over, but too cold - for me!- to bike. I still need to keep the snow tires on, but the roads are usually bare or muddy.

So what is still winter, and where do I see spring?

On the one hand, there are still icicles - but the stream behind the Lodge is open.

Winter: the bird feeders are still keeping lots of feathered friends going. Spring:  yesterday I had my first Red-Wing Blackbird in the yard :).  Winter: The tree branches are still bare against the sky. Spring: My friend Donna uses those bare Maple trees, and I get syrup!

Perhaps one of the most dramatic differences: Last night Phil went out to carry in the night's wood, and not only was the winter's fox there by his cabin, so were the raccoon - and the skunk! It must be spring...