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The projects we don't talk about

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Do you think you would be more likely to come if I told you we built a new septic system this year?   I didn't think so.  And that's the thing.  Some of the projects we do are glamorous; we completely renovated Cabin 3 last year. You'd probably be glad to hear that we added new kayaks.  But sometimes we have to invest funds in large projects that aren't glamorous at all - [caption id="attachment_217" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Wow! Shingles!"][/caption] This spring brought a new roof for the Main Lodge.  Curiously enough, I don't think I could launch our new brochure with "Look!   We have new shingles!"   And yet, it's all about what Gordon the original owner says "Maintenance!  You gotta maintain things".   So here's some more excitement for would-be guests:   the boat motors are all back from the marina,  Alan is making new window screens for Cabin 1 and 4,   and biggest of all, we've lined up new gravel for the driveways!  Yup, we're excited about this coming season! Well, it would be a different kind of brochure.... Follow up to last week's blog: The view out the Main Lodge has really greened up - it's amazing to watch the explosion:Come and see it!