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The world on my doorstep

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
It amazes me.  Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages is a small resort - we only have 6 cottages for guests, which is one of the reasons it is so peaceful here- and we sit on the edge of nowhere (which we actually like).  Yet tonight I have guests from the Netherlands, Germany and Ohio.  This weekend it was Italy and Australia. It is one of the pleasures of running the Lodge - meeting people from all over the world. Are you surprised?  I find it wondrous.  There are two reasons why my guestbooks have signatures from more than 35 countries.  I'm proud of what we offer here, but it is not Hay Lake's fame that draws guests - it's  Algonquin Park .  I don't think Canadians realize how internationally famous this park is. The amount of wild space we have here is unheard of in Europe or Asia.  The chance to see a moose or hear a wolf draws people from all over the globe. The other factor in our international clientele is the Internet.  You are reading this blog because the Internet connects us.  It certainly is the way almost all our guests find us. It's another of the many contrasts in my life.  I am very rooted to a small easily overlooked Lake, yet I am talking with the world travelers on a daily basis.  I take the keenest joy in my natural settings, but I can stay here because technology - computers, cyberspace - supports my business.  As I keep saying, I have the best of both worlds!