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Two Springs

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
I'm just back from a trip to Indiana. It looks like this: It always amazes me that although there is a LOT of Canada north of us (just look at a map!), we are definitely in a different season than our southern cousins.  Here is my March:

my friend Nancy and I spent March Break snowshoeing.

It was great.  No daffodils yet, but definitely signs of spring- the skies have this intense blue, and the snow isn't fluffy anymore - you can feel warmth in the sun, and the chicadees are singing their mating call.

We saw the path a fisher makes, and trekked across a beaver dam.

I have friends busy with tapping trees, making maple syrup - another  spring ritual.  A moose wandered down our driveway yesterday - I think she is restless for spring too.

It's late afternoon and the sun is still bright on the ice on the lake.  I am guessing we still have almost a month till the ice goes out, but the first signs of softening along our shore are there - and hey, I might be wrong!

My winter holiday is winding down.  It's time to concentrate on adding more pictures to my accommodations page.  I confess I am still finishing up last year's paperwork, but that will get done.  Reservations for the coming season are coming in and it looks like it will be another good season.   I'll even get to see daffodils again - in May!