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Walking on Sponges

Saturday, September 24, 2011
That's what I think it feels like.  The first time I climbed out of my kayak and stepped onto a cranberry marsh - it takes  faith.  You need to trust that the bog will support you - yes, your feet sink a little.  Yes, you can hear the water sucking around your crocs.  But there I stood with a whole new view of the lake. Of course the fall has a special reason for bog-walking:  cranberries.  We are lucky to live in a place where we can pick our own cranberries for sauce.  Last week I took my friend Joyce to show her where cranberries grow.

Now don't expect this:

Here is Joyce standing on the spongy marsh. You have to look close for wild cranberries- their leaves are much like rosemary and about the same size. You can see it was a beautiful day to be out picking - so we brought home a small bag and added cranberry sauce to the dinner menu.  (I'll even tell you my secret ingredient in my cranberries - mango chutney- try it!)