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What a Lodge Owner does

Sunday, May 27, 2012
So, another day at Hay Lake, sunny, warm and breezy. Chantelle, Phil and I mowed and we achieved what I consider Hay Lake Nirvana - all the property is mowed and tidy at the same time :) - I am at peace. It's been a busy month, as we have raked leaves, scrubbed cabins and greeted the first guests of the season. Those are jobs that I'm sure our guests expect us to do. I thought you might be interested in a "behind the scenes" look at some of my other duties.
This is my friend Mitzi in protective gear (yes, it's black fly season). Twice a month we go out on the lake to test the water for temperature levels, phosphorus, turbidity(clarity) and oxygen - all indicators of the lake's long term health. Mitzi has been testing for nearly 20 years and I joined her 3 years ago - and I'm glad to say our lake is just as healthy as when Mitzi started checking.
Of course, a lot of what I do happens right here: At the computer I answer inquiries, send confirmations, follow up on emails and questions, and stay in touch. And even though Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages is a small business, there is always paperwork - worker safety forms, water supply reposrts, monthly wage deductions, HST - if you own a business you know what I mean.
There's been a little twist this spring. Our housekeeper JoAnne fell the second day of spring cleaning and dislocated her shoulder, so she won't be back till the end of June. This means I'm back on breakfast detail - but I always say it's good to show I still know how!
I'm the receptionist and the kayak instructor, the purchasing agent and the website writer. Every day is different, and every day brings new faces and new stories to the Lodge.
It's a wonderful job, and don't forget one of the greatest perks - my office has a wonderful view!