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What can you see from a kayak?

Thursday, August 05, 2010
What can't you see from a kayak? That's really the question.  We have kayaks for our guests to use because I have found no better way to see the natural beauty, the wildlife, and the sheer pleasure of exploring Hay Lake. With a kayak you can get up in the morning and be part of the stillness on the lake.  You can paddle so quietly that you feel you are paddling on glass.  You paddle toward the morning mist, watching it turn rose and pink as the sun comes over the hills, striking colour just before it disappears. With a kayak you can paddle into marshes you could never reach with any other boat, watch beavers and otters swim. You can slide over submerged logs - or sometimes push yourself and your kayak over less submerged logs! - to get into a marsh you would swear you are the first to discover. When you are in the grasses, you feel hidden, in your own private water world. You have time to notice things - like all the amazing bird song around you, and the way the wind is so muffled by the marsh. You can discover new plants (new to you at least) like the pitcher plant, or water lilies - which you thought you knew, but did you know how powerfully sweet a bed or white water lilies can smell? And in the evening, when the light is golden and you've had a chance to spend time on the water, you'll know that a kayak can take you to a whole new level of Hay Lake Serenity.