Lodge Life

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While the Lodge Rests

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
There is bright sun this morning after a light snow.  It's a good day to talk about the two sides to life at Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages during the winter. Yesterday I snowshoed up the abandoned trail behind the lodge.  Lots of fresh snow, so that I often think snowshoeing is really just a giant outdoor version of a stair-stepper exercizer - though with much better scenery.  It was hushed and peaceful, only the sounds of my snowshoes sliding on the snow.  I crossed the path of a moose, but didn't see one - only heard a raven. Winter is a wonderful season for me.  I have the privilege of being here with time to enjoy  getting out for a cross-country ski, or reading by the woodstove in my living room - as I often tell my guests, not many jobs have a six-month holiday! So that's one side of my winter - time to be here, move at a slower pace. The other side of my life? I'm in the middle of summer.  People are emailing, asking about possible stays.  I'm studying the calendar, keeping track of "who wants to come when". Who is doing the mowing this summer?  It's not glamourous, but I need to line up someone to re-roof the Main Lodge. What will be new for people staying here?  I should probably get more kayaks.  Can I improve my wireless access for people staying here?  And take a look at the room service menu - should I make any revisions? So if you're wondering, I don't ignore my Lodge when we're closed!  The Lodge is not open, but we are not completely resting.